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Job Summary:  Repair and maintain components used for aircraft airframe and power plant. Inspect aircraft engines, landing gear, instruments, pressurize sections, accessories – brakes, valves, pumps and air-conditioning systems. Maintain records related to the maintenance performed on the aircraft. Mechanics conduct inspections following a schedule based on the number of hours the aircraft has flown, calendar days since the last inspection, cycles of operation, or a combination of these factors. They repair or replace worn or defective parts. Mechanics may also repair sheet metal or composite surfaces. Mechanics rely on the pilot's description of a problem to find and fix faulty equipment. Some mechanics work on one of many different types of aircraft such as jets and propeller-driven airplanes.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs all airframe, power plant and propeller repairs and modifications required to meet company and FAA requirements
  • Removal and disassembly of defective parts; assembly and installation of replacement part; and testing aircraft systems
  • Operates all power tools and equipment necessary to accomplish job assignment
  • Completes all required maintenance records
  • Accurately records time worked on a work order
  • Presents a clean and neat work area to our customers
  • Interprets technical manuals, drawings and blueprints
  • Tows and parks aircraft
  • Performs other aircraft maintenance work as may be required
  • Performs varied additional duties as assigned
  • Must have complete set of tools                 

 Knowledge Skills and Abilities desired

  • Proficiency and experience on Embraer, ERJs, Phenom, Twin Commander, Cessna, Hawker/Beechcraft, King Aires, Citations and Lear products within the last 5 years
  • Knowledge of English language
  • General knowledge of the combined federal regulations
  • Interior fabrication, removal, or reinstallation       
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions       
  • Ability to read and understand blue prints
  • Ability to read and understand aircraft wiring diagrams
  • Heavy engine rigging, bore scope, or rebuild
  • Heavy structural repair
  • Heavy electrical troubleshooting
  • Composite repair/fabrication 

Minimum Qualifications and Education: 

  • Tech 4- Six (6) years of work related experience and a FAA Airframe and Power Plant License
  • Tech 3-Five (5) years of work related experience and a FAA Airframe and Power Plant License
  • Tech 2-Three-Five years or work related experience and a FAA Airframe and Power Plant License
  • Tech 1-One (1) year or work related experience on Airframe and Power Plant or A&P license
  • High School or Equivalency 

Physical Requirements:

Frequently, mechanics must lift or pull objects weighing more than 70 pounds. They often stand, lie, or kneel in awkward positions and occasionally must work in precarious positions, such as on scaffolds or ladders. 

Working Conditions:

Mechanics usually work in hangars or in other indoor/outdoor areas. When hangars are full or when repairs must be made quickly, they can work outdoors, sometimes in unpleasant weather. Mechanics often work under time pressure to maintain flight schedules or, in general aviation, to keep from inconveniencing customers. At the same time, mechanics have a tremendous responsibility to maintain safety standards, and this can cause the job to be stressful. Noise and vibration are common when engines are being tested, so ear protection is necessary. Aircraft inspectors usually work 40 hours a week on 8-hour shifts around the clock. Overtime work is frequent.

Eagle Creek Aviation and it's family of companies is committed to providing Equal Opportunity in Employment, to all applicants and employees regardless of, race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, military status, veteran status, handicap, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Eagle Creek Aviation


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